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About Us

A climate activist holding a handmade sign with a drawing of the Earth on engulfed in flames and the words FIRE.

We are a horizontally organized radical media collective. We use both traditional and alternative methods of storytelling to document and expose.

We exist on the margins of what institutional media deems acceptable. Our name is a tribute to the 1987 Max Headroom signal hijacking incident, during which two Chicago-area broadcast stations had their feeds briefly interrupted by a prankster. We believe broadcast news—with its deputized police PR agents posing as news readers and hours of crime panic dished up daily—has caused decades of harm to urban communities in particular.

We are also collapse-minded. We recognize that accelerating organized abandonment is perhaps the singular defining force of the COVID-19 era. Our contributors are not mere distant observers of the fight for survival and liberation; we are actively engaged in struggle alongside everyone else.

Creating a vibrant, living record of these times is central to our mission.

Editorial Policies

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